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DJ in LA/Tyler Johnson will make your wedding the best experience you’ve ever had!  With over 10 years experience in weddings and being on numerous preferred vendor lists, he’s a top notch pick when looking for a DJ.  What makes him different than other DJ’s is that he provides a more personal touch. He’s not a wedding factory DJ.  Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you want to make sure that you hire someone like Tyler whom you can trust. He provides both a personable and fun environment. Tyler will make sure that your wedding party, family, guests and friends feel safe and comfortable. Don’t spend your months beforehand stressing out about the details. When you meet with DJ Tyler, he comes fully prepared to answer every question you have.

When you meet, he’ll walk you through the important details of your wedding, laying it out in a way that makes it fun and simple.  He will set a pathway that will make it easy when deciding with your fiancé the songs you want at your wedding.  DJ in LA‘s abilities and services will exceed all your expectations because his commitment is to excellence and quality service. Call for a quick wedding quote!


Tyler Johnson

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